Film and photography have been my passion for as long as I can remember. I am fortunate that before attending Rochester Institute of Technology, I had several opportunities to learn and hone many skills. At 17, I began working with talented videographers/photographers in Rochester. They provided me opportunities to film weddings up and down the east coast as well as working as an assistant on production sets. I have assisted several talented Rochester photographers on various shoots, from weddings to sports events. While attending RIT, I completed a summer internship as a digital technician at Modi Operandi in NYC. I had the privilege of being taught by outstanding professors at RIT, they helped me to sharpen my photography skills in many ways.I worked as a teaching assistant for David Turner for two semesters, I have assisted him on shoots and class demonstrations. This provided me opportunity to improve my time management skills, as well as experience providing input for critiques. I was given the chance to present some of my personal work to the classes as well. I am excited at the prospect of using the various skills I have learned out in the “real world”.



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